Item 1
Promote the education of children, girls and the disabled to access normal schooling, learn how to read and write, receive literacy classes and training in a creative learning activity with trained professionals.
Item 2
Provide medical and humanitarian aid to those who can’t afford it, hygiene education, prevention and the fight against HIV/AIDS, Malaria amongst other contagious and prevalent diseases.
Item 3
Enable orphaned disabled or disadvantaged children (up to 15years) to be sponsored and monitored during childhood and adolescence by one or more sponsors in Africa or abroad, securing a brighter future for them.
Item 4
Train youths to acquire practical skills (bakery, masonry, hairdressing, mechanic ...) through training workshops, support for micro- projects, promote the products of artisans for them to expand their business and improve their profitability.
Item 5
Facilitate the training and access to Information and Communication Technology (ICT) for youths, women and the underprivileged to use the computer, the internet and acquire basic PC user skills, enabling them to acquire better jobs.
Item 6
Work with rural farming cooperatives for better market access, and assist women with micro- development commodity projects to help create their products and get them to the market, creating a better income for their families.

CDN is a registered Non-Governmental Organization, and a US registered 501(c)3 non-profit that works with poor rural and marginalised populations to eliminate poverty, hunger, and malnutrition for the young, old, and needy of Cameroon.

Social Justice

Respecting and valuing diversity and difference, challenging oppressive and discriminatory actions and attitudes, pursue civil and human rights for all and address power imbalances within society


To value the concerns that communities identify as their starting point, raising awareness to the choices available and providing opportunities for discussion of implications of options to development.

Collective Work

Supporting and developing individuals to contribute effectively to communities, through informed and accountable decision making and ensuring all perspectives within the community are considered.


Promote the empowerment of individuals and communities; develop their skills towards autonomous and accountable action for change in the community. Using of resources in the community with respect for the environment and the future.


Promoting the participation of individuals and communities, particularly those marginalized / excluded by recognizing and rooting out challenging barriers to full and effective participation and sharing good practice in order to learn from each other.


Sensitize people on environmental problems, solutions, and protection. Also educating people on renewable energy such as solar and wind power.

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