On March 8th, people around the world celebrate the advancement and achievements of women. At Community Development Network (CDN), we celebrate this day by recognizing our supporters around the world whose generous donations have helped women, children, and youth living in Cameroon to become literate in healthcare and technology. We are a non-profit organization who provides basic education and training opportunities via various projects which include Menstrual Health, HIV/AIDS Awareness, Malaria Awareness, Dental HygieneInformation and Communication Technology, and Human Rights Education

Menstrual Hygiene is still a taboo topic in this modern era. In the third world countries, Period is the number one reason the girls don’t go to school, which can lead to woman inequality. However, many film industries around the world has taken major steps in spreading awareness about this issue. It starts with the 2019 Oscar award-winning short subject documentary, Period. End of Sentence. and 2018 Bollywood film Pad Man. As for CDN, thanks to our donors, we continue to work with other local organizations in Cameroon to provide education and menstrual hygiene products to help women and girls maintain their personal hygiene while focusing on their career development. Please visit our Menstrual Health project page to find out more.


HIV/AIDS Awareness project is also a very important work we are doing in Cameroon since this disease is growing at an alarming rate. At the same time, women in Cameroon are 2.69 times more likely to carry HIV/AIDS viruses than men as per the survey conducted in 2011. An article published in BMC Public Health Journal in 2016, “What explains gender inequalities in HIV/AIDS prevalence in sub-Saharan Africa? Evidence from the demographic and health surveys”, explains more about gender inequality. CDN is doing everything it can, thanks to our generous donors, to educate women and youth in preventing this disease and obtaining necessary treatment whenever they need it. Researchers continue to make progress as you read in finding the cure for HIV/AIDS. As per recently published (Feb. 20th, 2019) research by Duke University Medical Center titled “New insight on potent HIV antibody could improve vaccine design”, where they found the importance of some mutations that could help antibodies in potentially neutralizing the HIV virus by docking on its diverse strains. Until the vaccine is found and HIV/AIDS is completely eliminated, CDN will continue providing healthcare education by organizing workshops, campaigns, and events in schools and communities. Everything is possible thanks to our supporters, and we need to get as much funding as we can to expand our outreach programs.  

Just like Menstrual Hygiene and HIV/AIDS Awareness, we are also educating woman, youth, and children about Malaria Awareness and Dental Hygiene. Malaria remains the number one cause of death among the most vulnerable groups which include pregnant women and children who are under 5 years old. It’s also the cause of 26 % loss of workday and 40% of family health expenses. Thus, reaching out to these groups living in poor and rural communities, and educating them about sustainable ways in preventing and treating malaria is our mission for this project.


Dental Hygiene doesn’t seem like a major concern to most children in the remote parts of Cameroon who never used a toothbrush. However, they end up losing their teeth at a very young age due to a lack of proper hygiene education and sanitation materials. CDN provides proper education to these young children and their parents especially their mothers who can play the lead role in keeping their family members safe and healthy.


Thanks to our donors we can support both Malaria Awareness and Dental Hygiene projects by providing mosquito nets to people living in mosquito-infested areas as well as a complimentary toothbrush, toothpaste, a drinking cup and animated instructions to the children for their dental hygiene.

Information and communication technology (ICT) knowledge and skills are necessary not only for Millennials and Generation Z, but also for every adult in the world. ICT project brings people in Cameroon closer to the world community by encouraging them to engage in collaborative educational projects to enhance their learning experiences and make a difference in the world. Thanks to our donors and volunteers, CDN provides necessary tools such as computers and internet access in schools and communities along with free training in basic computer skills that are in high demands to empower women, youth and children in their career development.  

Every newborn child regardless of gender, race, and color see every human equally. Early life education and surrounding play an important role in the development of a respectful adult. Human Rights project encourages schools and local communities in Cameroon to bring human rights education in everyday life for students and youth as well as teaching them to see and respect every human equally. Gender inequality is a major issue in this modern era, and there’s no better way to stop this than educating our new generation. On this day, we would like to thank all the donors and everyone who helped/is helping this organization to achieve its mission by supporting all the projects we do. Please continue your support and help us spread awareness of the organization and the projects we work on. We rise together.