Thanks to your support, Community Development Network (CDN) is proud of the work we've done to empower people and communities in Cameroon. We've held several menstrual hygiene workshops and given out reusable menstrual hygiene supplies to ensure for countless girls that their period won't prevent them from going to school. We've also improved the dental health of many kids with our dental hygiene workshops. 

With an upcoming presidential election, Cameroon is facing an increasingly tense political climate. The nation has been divided based on geographical area and language, with English speakers, Anglophones, in the North-West and South-West facing institutional barriers leading to an ever-increasing economic gap. Protests by Anglophones have caused the Cameroonian government to take drastic and unfair action including turning off the internet in the North West and South West region. Horrible violence has also ensued, expert analysts with  Amnesty International, a human rights group, strongly believe that it was Cameroonian soldiers behind the executions of two women and two young children.

Community Development Network is dedicated to helping build communities and protect human rights in Cameroon. While we remain committed to our unique approach to overcoming barriers to Cameroonian communities reaching their full potential, the political situation in Cameroon has temporarily affected our work.  We are shifting our focus and resources from our usual projects and are looking for ways to help those facing violence and displacement. CDN is still dedicated to its' mission and we will not stop pursuing equality and opportunity for all people in Cameroon.