Youths in Cameroon face a great deal of challenges affecting them, with unemployment being a major concern. Despite their hurdles, youths still have a critical assignment to play in nation building from the political, economic and social perspectives. A Cameroonian youths of voting age, can express love and show a sense of belonging to their country by voting because it is a civic duty and responsibility and expression of patriotism.

Youths have to be aware that in order to positively transform the political system and to bring change within the political system, they have to register in the electoral lists and vote because it is not only a civic engagement but it is also as means to express their love for and sense of belonging to their country. Youth have to be active to make positive contributions that will not only benefit them, but the entire nation and future generations.

Youth political participation in the policy and decision making platforms of the country strengthens community capacity, contributes to positive youth development and enhances organisation's relationship with young people. As future leaders, youths have to set the pace and be the example for their peers and the younger generation to follow. Hence, it is part of youths’ responsibility to exercise a sense of belonging to the nation because that is the foundation of patriotism and dedicated service.

Therefore, in order to boost the economy and reduce the rate of these social ills, youths should be economically empowered and economically strong through the creation of enterprises that can help employ their peers. By so doing, they will be expressing the love and sense of belonging to their country for a better and sustainable development in Cameroon. Cameroonian youths should restrain from violence and hate speech which causes division but should be actors and agents of love and peace for their nation.


By Ndzi Divine (2017)