Our fundraiser has been up for a week. Reason enough to inspire you to take action now. Let’s do it! Here are four reasons to contribute to our Menstrual Hygiene Project.

finley cups2

Girls in a vocational training school in Douala were eager to use the menstrual cups we handed out.

1. Be part of something bigger

A small donation can have a big, lasting impact. You may feel like your donation will not make that much of a change – but that is simply not true. Every donation is helping us to continue our Menstrual Hygiene Project, and every donation contributes to the empowerment and education of girls in Cameroon.

$8 can buy a reusable sanitary pad and $10 can buy a menstrual cup. These products can last for years and they can help a girl throughout her years of schooling. Your donation can literally keep a girl in school during her period and change her life. 

2.Make a direct impact

We are aware that there are tons of organisations asking for your donation – so why should you donate to Community Development Network, right? Well, it’s easy. Your donation can make a direct impact on girls’ lives. Here is what happens after you donate:

Your donation enables us to buy sustainable, reusable menstrual hygiene products. We bring these products to our weekly workshops in Cameroon, where we teach girls about menstrual hygiene, sexual and reproductive health and human rights. We then teach them how to use the menstrual hygiene products, and provide them with the choice between a menstrual cup and a reusable sanitary pad.

The girls go on to use these products for years. It enables them to go to school while they are on their periods.

3. Help others and yourself

Helping others is a great way to give back. If you appreciate what you have, and you have some extra to share, then donating to Community Development Network is a good way to give back. We share knowledge and hand out menstrual hygiene products to girls who are in need to receive such training and products.

Besides, research shows that giving to charity can help you feel generous and responsible, which in turn can make you happy. So there’s something in it for you too!

4. Set an Example

Do you have children, grandchildren, younger siblings or little cousins? Then donating money to a good cause is a great way to teach them about sharing, giving, and being generous. Tell your children, siblings or cousins that you are donating to our work and explain why that is important. Inspire them to make positive contributions to the world later in life.

Did you rush to our fundraising website yet to donate and keep a girl in school during her period? If 1,000 people were to donate only $1 this would help about 120 girls. The impact you make on their lives lasts for years. 

You can make a difference now!