The Far North Region of Cameroon has the country's second-highest child marriage rate, based on the most recent general census, and gender-based violence is still a big concern. Both are reflective of the poor status of females & females.

"Gender-based violence, including sexual violence, is still a major risk for young females, with disastrous effects on the prospects of theirs for productive learning, meaningful employment, and self-confidence "noted Angelique Dikoume, a UNFPA program specialist in Cameroon.

However, this year, Cameroon's female's team captured the nation's attention with a groundbreaking performance at the Female's World Cup. Inspired, females around Cameroon have taken on the game.

Through the simple act of playing football, these young girls are challenging gender norms and developing valuable skills.  Their enthusiasm mirrors a growing interest in female's football taking place throughout the nation.

Providing care to players, the sport has proven to be a lot more than a recreation. It helps females to socialize, develop leadership abilities and develop self-esteem. It's likewise a chance to connect them - along with other community members - with essential health services.

Besides the football pitch, UNFPA erected a tent where district health personnel provided health info, family planning counseling, and antenatal care to those in attendance. Over 200 pregnant women received free HIV testing, and several hundred received family planning counseling and post-natal information.

Community Development Network provides menstrual hygiene workshops and HIV/AIDS education for young women in Cameroon.  Please give so they can have a brighter future.