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HIV/AIDS Awareness 

The ultimate goal of this project is to combat the spreading of HIV/AIDS, which is growing at a fast and alarming rate in Cameroon. We educate youths about the dangers of the disease, and we teach them to respect themselves and each other. We focus on youths to fight the spread and eradicate HIV, as they are the most vulnerable group when it comes to HIV/AIDS - and they are the future of Cameroon.

Community Development Network aims to improve sex education and (reproductive) health by organizing workshops, campaigns, and events in schools and communities. During our workshops and in our campaigns we raise awareness about HIV/AIDS and we lay out preventive measures so that our target group avoids contracting or spreading HIV/AIDS.

We focus on different contraceptive methods and teach to avoid marginalizing and discriminating against people living with HIV/AIDS. Additionally, we distribute informative campaigning materials as well as condoms and we encourage participants to speak about HIV/AIDS in their communities in order to prevent further spreading and stigmatization of those living with HIV/AIDS.

Our approach to sex education in schools in Cameroon is aimed at developing positive, protected, and safe behaviors among students for their present and future lives as grown-ups. We ensure that students fully understand the meaning of sexual health and that they take the reproductive health rights agenda at heart.

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HIV/AIDS Awareness

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