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Human Rights Education 

Our Human Rights Education project places human rights at the heart of the learning experience. It makes human rights an integral part of everyday school life for students and youths in the Cameroonian community.

From the way decisions are made in schools, to the way people treat each other, right down to the curriculum and extracurricular activities on offer, the school becomes an exemplary model for human rights education.

The Human Rights Education project encourages and supports the development of a global culture of human rights by empowering young people, teachers, and the wider school community.

Participating secondary schools work towards developing a whole-school approach to human rights education, by integrating human rights values and principles into key areas of school life.

The project reaches out to the community to change the way people think about, and actively participate in addressing human rights issues.

Promoting a culture of human rights encourages communities to rely on principles of equality, it encourages students to take responsibility for their actions, and it creates a school environment that is inclusive and fair.

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Human Rights Education

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