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Malaria Awareness 

In Cameroon, malaria remains the first cause of morbidity and mortality among the most vulnerable groups made up of pregnant women and children aged below 5 years. It is endemic all year round in almost the entire country and the transmission period varies from 7 - 12 months. Malaria is also the cause of 26% loss of workdays and constitutes 40% of family health expenses.

Our mission through this project includes educating people on the dangers of malaria; teaching people practical ways of preventing malaria and taking care of the environment to keep away mosquitoes. We reach out to vulnerable groups and communities with sustainable ways of preventing and treating malaria while demonstrating and teaching people the use of new and effective treatment therapies while looking at supplying malaria treatment, products, and mosquito nets to those in desperate need.

We aim at creating a pool of persons and entities dedicated to fighting the scourge of malaria through both human and financial effort and; partnering with interest groups on improving the total health of all in a malaria-free Cameroon.

CDN envisions a world where no one dies of a mosquito bite by mobilizing the wider public and stakeholders for an effective and sustainable action and global provision of resources required to achieve malaria eradication within our generation. We want to use a highly targeted, proven advocacy model to elevate malaria on the global agenda and translate political support into funding.

We are now working to provide life-saving bed nets for families in mosquito-infested areas to prevent the transmission of Malaria in Cameroonian communities.

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Malaria Awareness

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If you or your civic club would like to donate materials, we would welcome that, as well!
Our Menstrual Health Program is always in need of pads, cups, and period-proof underwear.
We are also glad to accept items related to dental health and used laptops for our ICT Lab.

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