Menstruation is a taboo topic! Menstrual Hygiene Day is dedicated to breaking the silence and raising awareness about the lack of education about the importance of hygiene during menstruation. The negative societal connotations surrounding this topic create barriers for women to access hygienic menstrual products and create difficulties engaging elected representatives to make menstrual hygiene a priority in the global health system.

To raise awareness for Menstrual Hygiene Day, Community Development Network held a menstrual hygiene workshop at the Patrick Foundation Secondary School in Cameroon. Over 60 girls and boys from ages 12-18 participated in the event that discussed in-depth the topic of menstruation for 3 hours. In addition to the girls, including boys in the event is important because it educates them about the importance of menstruation which helps reduce period shaming in the region.

Every girl in the workshop was given a year’s supply of period products. This will protect their health, build self-confidence, allow them to attend school during menstruation, and graduate!

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